Types of Events

World Building Workshops

Meant for 10 and above, this workshop teaches students how to incorporate all the different aspects of world building in novels--everything from contemporary realism to high fantasy. 

In a fun, interactive way, the group creates a series of worlds together then goes off to write their version of our world, or at least part of it. 

Contact me for prices and for more information! 

Follow Your Dreams Talk


I love doing Q&A's about my writing, reading, and everything in between, especially in the festival atmosphere! 

Geared for everyone aged 10 and above, this is book talk paired with believing in yourself talk! I use my personal story of believing in myself and my books leading to getting published by the time I was 20, therefore showing that anything is possible. 

Please contact me for prices and more information

Upcoming Events

September 18/19

Yahoo Fest - Chattanooga State University