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​Let's Connect!

Who Am I? 

small-town Southern girl living in medium city England. I started writing my trilogy when I was 12, and haven't stopped for 12 years. After earning my BA in Creative Writing from the University of TN at Chattanooga, I moved to Bath and am now an alumni of Bath Spa University's MA Writing for Young People. 

What Do I Write? 

My first writing love was vampires, hence, ya know, the whole trilogy about halfbreed vampires. But over the years, I've come to discover that I really love magical realism--the uniqueness , the nearly complete lack of rules. It's a playground for writers, and I just can't seem to get enough! 

Why Do I Write? 

My mind gets a little dark and cloudy when I don't. I've kept journals since my grandmother gave me my first one when I was seven. But now I write for all the readers looking for a story to escape into, to travel without leaving their dog, and as Matilda put it, to know they are not alone.  Reading creates community and relationships, and it's magical and a blessing  to even play a small part in that world. 

Do I Do Anything Other Than Write

Ha, no, I wish! I'd be a lot more productive. I travel whenever and wherever I can. My current favorite holiday spot is Ortigia, Sicily. I am ridiculously obsessive about Welsh Corgis , specifically my weird corgi Buddy. I bake things when I'm stressed out , and drink too much coffee all the time. I have also unashamedly watched the American Office 15 (maybe 16) times all the way through, yes all 9 seasons.